College Bound

This week, Stephanie – who was HUG-A-Child’s first high school graduate this year – begins her college career. Stephanie’s desire is to be an accountant. Throughout the years that she has lived in the HUG home, located in a suburb area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Stephanie has put forth much effort where her studies are concerned. Raised in a girls’ home since age five, Stephanie has shown great leadership abilities, assisting some of the other girls with their studies. Most importantly, she has developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – becoming baptized this past year. She focuses on the word of God, and enjoys attending worship service.

Stephanie, second from right.

No matter who visits the HUG-A-Child home or what activities visiting missionaries would like to participate in with the HUG girls, Stephanie has always been upbeat, polite, and engaging.

“I can remember when she first came to be at Hug a Child,” says Haiti Under God founder Donald Lyons. “She was always the leader and worked harder than all the girls. She would sit in the floor in the kitchen and wash everyone’s dishes after every meal. She is certainly a success story.”

Adds Deena Bouknight, a HUG board member, “I have known Stephanie for six years – watching her grow and develop into a mature young woman – and I know that she will work hard to achieve her goal of completing college and using learned skills to acquire a job that helps others.”

Attending college is a rare opportunity in Haiti. According to World Bank, 50 percent of children in Haiti do not attend primary school, while TeacHaiti finds that less than 1 percent of high school graduates attend some sort of secondary school. 

Consider partnering with Haiti Under God to financially assist Stephanie – and others who may strive to achieve higher education goals for their futures. Visit and click DONATE.


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