Eyes That See – Vision Clinic in Haiti is Huge Success

“Ears that hear and eyes that see– the LORD has made them both.” Proverbs 20:12

Last month, Barbara Spence – HUG’s secretary – oversaw the annual Vision Clinic, assisted by other short-term missionaries from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The 14-member team, plus 10 Haitian translators, saw a total of around 800 at six different location sites.

“We shared the good news of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ with each person,” says Barbara. “Plus, each person received free eye glasses, sunglasses, and eye drops.”

The most exciting result of the five-day Vision Clinic was that 40 people received eternal life by accepting Jesus as their Savior. One of those was Davidson (pictured with Barbara), who stopped by to see what was happening, Barbara shared the gospel with him. Davidson accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. His parents rejoiced that he became a believer. 

“This Vision Clinic is a huge blessing as most Haitians cannot afford to visit an eye doctor or to buy glasses,” she says. “And every person deserves to hear the good news of Jesus. He tells us to go into the world and be his witnesses and to make disciples. Our joy at HUG is to obey His commandment.”

Interested in joining the next Vision Clinic team? Do not hesitate to contact Barbara Spence at bsspence@outlook.com. Also, the Vision Clinic is just one of HUG’s many ministries that benefits Haitians in need. Consider giving this holiday season to this worthy cause. www.haitiundergod.org

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