PART II: Ears that Hear – The message of the Gospel heard clearly at Family Conference

“Ears that hear and eyes that see– the LORD has made them both.” Proverbs 20:12

“Amidst joyful fun and laughter, couples came forward and husbands were encouraged to show wives affection at church. Wives need to be shown affection – it must be more than just a preliminary to other marital activities.  Husbands are commanded to love their wives as Christ loves the church,” says HUG Board Secretary, Barbara Spence, who spent two weeks last month in Haiti. She oversaw the annual Family Conference, and spent several days at the Valley of Hope Church that Pastor Maxeau Antoine – with assistance from HUG and many others – planted in 2008.

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Some of the activities during the three-day conference included: hearing God’s word for families, practical helps like budgeting and providing for the family, worship music, fun and laughter, group sharing, fellowship, intense prayer and introspection, and repentance and nailing of sins to the cross of Christ.  The goal of the Family Conference, now in its third year, is to simply strengthen families by teaching God’s plan for husbands and wives.

The Valley of Hope Church began as a way to unify the rural community through teaching the love of God and the Gospel of Christ. Following the construction of the church building – in order to create a sustainable, village environment – were school buildings, a kitchen, a community chicken project, a community goat project, and a trade school. In the works is a medical clinic/hospital.  Pastor Maxeau’s mandate is to teach and live the commandments of Jesus Christ and to provide education and work opportunities for the improvements of life for local residents and church members.

“God is working at the Valley of Hope Church!” affirms Barbara. “Pastor Maxeau is bringing spiritual hope and physical help to this remote area. God has given him a vision … and God’s people are responding with physical and financial resources to make the vision a reality.”

Barbara expresses to HUG supporters: “Thank you for partnering with us! Without your support, all that has been accomplished in Haiti – in the name of the Lord – would be impossible.”

Please consider a gift to Haiti for Christmas so that HUG can continue to come alongside the Haitian people to improve worshiping, learning, and living conditions. Go to and click DONATE.


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