A Way in the Wilderness; Streams in the Desert

Just a few short years ago, the area of Galle Chambon in Haiti was lacking much – including much hope. It was a voodoo-laden land with no Christian church, few educational opportunities, and little help with sustainable resources. Now, thanks to Pastor Maxeau Antoine and other godly Haitian men and women, much hard work and tireless prayer, as well as many resources provided by Haiti Under God, the Valley of Hope Church has been built along with a kitchen and dining area, an office building with bathrooms and showers, two school buildings, a trade school, a new playground, a large cistern with water to sustain the entire complex, a community chicken coup, and pens for pigs and goats!  What’s the next vision? A medical clinic – the likes of which this area has not come close to experiencing.

HUG board member, Barbara Spence, recently organized the fourth annual Haiti Women’s Conference. Meeting at the Valley of Hope Church, some 300 very excited women attended the two-day conference to hear God’s Word for them.  Women are coming together to learn about Christ and burying their voodoo practices. There is so much interest in families wanting to live for Christ because of what is now happening in the Valley of Hope, that Barbara will return in early November to host a Family Conference.  Her team from the States will also hold vision clinics in November, offering gifts of physical and spiritual sight to hundreds.

“Even though there is still great poverty in Haiti,” says Barbara, “Pastor Maxeau and others are sharing the love of Jesus. So many are becoming less spiritually poor. Thank you to all the HUG donors who have made so much possible in an area where there was nothing.”


Meet Mr. Black

When Haiti Under God took over management of My Father’s Guesthouse in Port-au-Prince, inherited was Mr. Brown – a unique and fearsome looking bulldog-like canine. He, along with a high razor-wire-topped wall and a locked gate, maintains My Father’s Guesthouse as a secure, comfortable haven for short-term missionaries and visitors alike. As Mr. Brown has begun to show his age, it became imperative that a new charge would need to eventually take his place.

Despite a shortage of worthy guard-dog candidates in Haiti, God – in his Providence – quickly provided just what is needed. Meet Mr. Black, a German Shepherd mix puppy who will essentially be raised up and trained by Mr. Brown. As is evident, he is already loved by My Father’s Guesthouse host, Phyll, and is becoming acquainted with Mr. Brown.

Visit www.myfathersguesthouse.org to learn more about where to stay while in Haiti. There is also a link to the website on the www.haitiundergod.org website.

In Christ Alone

“It is rare to come across someone who is clearly content in Christ alone. I saw the joy of Christ alone in the faces of the adults and children on Cha Cha mountain in Haiti. When the usher came into church during Sunday school to carefully place his two-year-old daughter on the pew and pray over her, I saw the joy of Christ. Whenever I was around Robinson, his face expressed seemingly bottomless joy. There was something in his actions, his smile, and his “Christ is King” baseball hat that were a great example to me. He worked all day with us with barely half a sandwich to eat and not a water bottle for maybe $3 a day, but he did it with the joy of Christ written all over him. It should be written all over us, every day, for the blessings we have received. It was an extraordinary blessing to be in Haiti.” -Dan D’Alberto

Employment Found!

From left: Wideline, Barbara Spence, Stephanie (another 18-year-old with HUG-A-Child)
From left: Wideline, Barbara Spence, Stephanie (another 18-year-old with HUG-A-Child)

Eighteen-year-old Wideline is the first with HUG-A-Child to find employment. This month she walked through the door of her new employer Sa Voix and began a new episode in her life. Sa Voix was started last year to help young Haitian women find their “voice” through the arts. Wideline will make beautiful handbags that will be sold in U.S. boutiques; part of the funds will help to finance the ministry, while Wideline will earn a wage and learn how to manage and budget her income.


HUG will continue to provide financial support to Wideline as she finishes her high school education as well. “We pray that Wideline and the other girls at HUG-A-Child will walk in obedience to God as they complete their educations and prepare to live on their own, looking to their Creator and Savior for His provision,” expressed HUG board member Barbara Spence.  

Happy New Year from Haiti

The Valley of Hope Ministries is so grateful and thankful for all you have done for our ministry in 2016. God has blessed us in more ways than we can count. We wanted to take just a moment to highlight a few of the things that were accomplished this past year.

  • We started a new kindergarten class and already have 50 students.
  • The vocational school is equipped with computers and sewing machines and we are looking forward to our first classes in cosmetology and sewing in early 2017.
  • The church at Doco is under construction and moving along very well. It is on schedule to be finished by mid- year 2017.
  • We have laid the foundation for the school at Cha Cha Mountain and it should be finished in 2017.
  • We had our first Teachers Training Conference this year training over 50 teachers. This will be an annual Training time from now on for teachers to come and pour their knowledge into our teachers to teach them how to teach.
  • We had several Medical Mission Trips and are looking forward to breaking ground on our Medical Facility in 2017.
  • We added a freezer, stove and generator to Gallette Chambon. In addition we installed restrooms with showers and a cistern and tower for a complete water system.
  • We started a library with books in English that have been translated into Creole.
  • We did Experiencing God Trainings for over 300 pastors.
  • We were able to repair over 25 houses at ChaCha from hurricane damage.
  • We repaired and rebuilt over 18 houses at Land of Sugar.
  • We were blessed with the ability to purchase a Large Hyundai Truck enabling us to transport large teams and big loads.
  • And as recently as Christmas Eve we were gifted with our newest addition to the Hope and Love orphanage with a 3 year old angel.

It has been a prosperous year for the Valley of Hope God is always smiling on us. We are happy and blessed because of you and your prayers and support. We are looking forward to experiencing what God has planned for 2017.

Happy New Year!
Maxeau Antoine

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